Comprehensive Written Reports


What's in an inspection report

A home inspector gives a comprehensive report that includes comments - good, bad and neutral - on all of the different components, systems and items the home inspector is required to inspect. A home inspector reports on the condition of any building component, improvement or item that if not repaired, will have significant adverse effect on the useful life of the item. A home inspector also notes any conditions that may significantly reduce the functionality or structural integrity of property components or systems, or that may pose a significant health or safety risk to building occupants.

See a sample report

The following link will take you to a sample of our reports, the report can be viewed on-line or printed off and delivered. In the upper right corner of the report there is the option to view the report as a PDF file which is a common file type and can be printed by our clients if they so choose. Throughout the report there are links that direct our clients to references and resources regarding the issues or comments, giving them more information only a click away. We also include pictures to further clarify any issues or comments in the report. The purpose of a home inspection report is to provide an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation, and provide an informative and understandable written report regarding the findings at the time of the inspection. Feel free to navigate around the sample report, just click on the following link.

Click here to view a sample report